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AB190 for Caregivers

AB190 for Caregivers

AB190 is the family caregivers sick leave bill.

With the AB190 bill having taken effect last month, family caregivers no longer have to fear losing jobs to take their family member to medical appointments. 

The AB190 bill was first brought to the Nevada legislature in 2017 and was supported by AARP. The bill was also championed by Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod. The bill went through three sessions before it got passed.

According to Barry Gold, Director of Government Relations of AARP, the pandemic has put in a lot of perspective on how difficult it is to be a family caregiver. He said the pandemic has helped shed light on the importance of supporting family caregivers working to keep their jobs while taking care of a sick loved one.

The AB190 will benefit plenty of family caregivers in the workforce with the flexibility it provides.

Governor Sisolak who signed the bill stated:

“Supporting caregivers by allowing more flexibility in sick leave use is critically important to Nevada’s families. This legislation will keep more aging Nevadans in their homes and ensure their family members can care for their loved ones without sacrificing the financial security of their families.”

Along with caregivers, this will also benefit individuals who want to continue living in the comfort of their home instead of transitioning to a facility at a higher cost. Businesses will have reduction in turnover and absenteeism, and most importantly, retain employees. This is a win for caregiver employees and businesses.

Nevada employees who are caregivers for immediate family – parents, spouses, adults with dementia, disabilities, or other chronic conditions, children with disabilities or chronic medical conditions, or family with COVID-19 will be covered with this bill.

“Nevada’s caregivers deserve this flexibility to care for their loved one without sacrificing the financial security of their families,” said Gold.  

For more information on AB190, please call the Community Foundation at 775-333-5499 or visit AARP’s website at https://states.aarp.org/nevada/

Interview conducted by:
Luiza Benisano

Special Thanks:
Barry Gold  

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