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Financial Assistance

Respite Care

A break for caregivers. Professional caregivers, family, or friends care for the family member while caregivers get time for themselves. Respite can be a paid or a free service. The respite resources listed under the financial assistance category are free services. Free respite services are available through respite vouchers. Families can also pay for in-home care services as a form of paid respite.

The following organizations offer respite care services:

What is respite and why is it important?

Respite Care and Why it is Important

Respite – taking a break from caregiving is so very important and is most effective if it is started early in the caregiving experience and is consistent throughout.  Unfortunately, many care partners wait until they are overwhelmed, exhausted, and/or in a crisis to seek help with their caregiving, i.e.: respite.   Definition   res·pite   […]

Caregiver's Compensation Guide

Are you curious if you can get paid by a family member? The Caregiver’s Compensation Guide shows how you can get paid while taking care of an aging family member in Nevada.

Home Companions

Home companions are someone who will stay with another person. Companions do not provide medical or skilled care. Home companion services can be a paid or free service. The home companions’ resources listed under the financial assistance category are free services. Please see in-home care resources for more options.

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"Your help and the guidebook you referred me to have helped enormously. I realized that as I read the guidebook, I was on the right track."
- Sally Bates, Family Caregiver