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Take a Break

Respite Care Vouchers

Do you want someone to come into your home to give you a break? Respite care may be an option. Respite care provides temporary relief to a caregiver. Some respite care services are free. Respite vouchers provides reimbursement to the primary caregiver for paid respite care. There are respite vouchers that are free or may provide up to $500 in respite vouchers.

The following organizations offer respite care services:

Support Groups

You might be interested in connecting with support groups for family caregivers in the community.

Why Support Groups are Important

Why Support Groups are Important

Support groups can be helpful if you are facing a major setback in life, or if you are grieving the loss of a loved one. It is important that you do not go through it alone. Studies have shown the impact on caregivers can be detrimental when they are burnt out and could potentially be […]

Email Discussion Group

The Caregiver Support Initiative email discussion group allows people to connect with other family caregivers, share advice, and ask each other questions easily on caregiving-related topics.

Contact the Sanford Center for Aging

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